How time flies…

No, you are not ‘running late’, you are rude and selfish…
(Source: Firebrand Talent Search blog entry for 19 July 2011)

Can we not put some of the blame for this on the Gen Ys with their “ish” sense of time…? 😉 Seriously, there are folks out there that think its OK to be late since meetings never start on time anyway as we’re in this weird dimension where “Malaysian time” (substitute “Indian time”, “Inuit time”, etc. as appropriate) applies. I get MOST annoyed, though, by professionals like doctors and dentists keeping me waiting. Yes, my time is valuable too. I’m thinking to start carrying an invoice pad with me to appointments and begin issuing invoices for an hour’s worth of time before walking out the door after a 15 minute “grace” period. I think that’s fair…

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